Friday, March 16, 2007

English teams and the colour of Blue and Red

'Blue for life' that is the present slogan of chelsea fans, while the Manchester United fans will stick to 'Red Devil' they actually have a picture of a devil in their logo. But the appellation of 'the red' goes to so many of them but only make popular by Liverpool football club who has won the league more than any club.
Has anyone noticed that most clubs in premiership has red either in their shirt or in their logo. Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Charlton Athlectic, middlesborough etc all have red as their shirt colour. Chelsea are probably the only 'Blue' that has won the Premiership, and they just did that twince when Mourinho and Abrahamovich came to their rescue. Today, we have club like apart from chelsea that adorn the blue colour either in their shirt or their logo, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Everton, Birmingham city etc.
Very soon, the liverpool fans will be disturbing the atmosphere of English fans club in Nigeria with the slogan of the 'Red for ever' as chelsea are now doing, because they also have been taken over by American businessmen, that means more money to buy quality and good players.
Has anyone ponder when it will be the turn of Watford supporters to start the slogan of 'Yellow for life" since they seem to be the one that adore yellow colour shirt, there is however 'the Yellow submarine' in spain, is a nickname for the Spanish football teams Cádiz CF and Villarreal CF . How about 'brown for life' which english premiership adore brown colour? Though we know of Plymouth Argyle that adore the colour of green shirt, they even have the nickname of, 'the green' to me, that probably should be the club Nigerians should be supporting, going by the colour of our flag. There are clubs like Bolton, Totenham Hotspur, Leeds who adored the white colour.

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