Monday, March 19, 2007

The Turaki is Truncated

Now that INEC has refused to list the name of of the VP in the list of eligible candidates for the April 21st Presidential election, it is quite clear that the Turaki has been caged. The INEC relied on the section 137 of the constitution which state that any person that had been indicted by Administrative panel of inquiry stand disqualify from participating in an election.

INEC is relying on the constitution to de-enlist the VP, INEC itself is created by a constitution, The panel of EFCC that investigates the VP and found him guilty of corruption was created by a constitution, The panel of enquiry that indicted the VP was constitutionally constituted by the President who has such power, so as far as we are concerned, the VP stand indicted.

I dont know why there is so much noise about the dis-enlistment of the VP name on the candidate list, were it to be Prof. Pat Utomi, or even Rev. Chris Okotie, I dont think it will generate so much noise like this. The truth is the fight against corruption is not easy, it is like a fight for revenge where the person seeking revenge will also taste some large considerable loss in the vengeance. By investigating his VP, the president has stepped on powerful toes, and he can only get what he is getting for being so bold to confront the corrupt activities of the VP.

Let us call a spade a spade, the INEC is merely relying on the constitution, and i dont think they need the interpretation of the court to do just that, just like they dont need any court to interprete their duties for them.

Whether obasanjo is corrupt or not, time will tell, in any case, he has finsihed his term, but why are we all fighting tooth and nail over somebody that was adjudged to be corrupt, whom i see as a clear opportunity for us not to rule us. The VP had participated in this seeming 'corrupt' regime, he cant offer anything less.

Let him stand disqualified. Ever ponder along this lines?

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