Thursday, March 22, 2007

Corruption War - Now we know it is not easy

I remember some people were hell bent that IBB should be investigated for corruption when OBJ first came to power, they even said that, if he is serious about his corruption war, he should start from investigating IBB, the President reply then was that, they should bring enough proof for him to prosecute IBB and that he still maintained that he is ready to step on powerful toes. But nobody was able to bring any proof that IBB enrich himself during his tenure. It shows that powerful men are not easy to prosecute especially in Nigeria as far as corruption is concerned.
But with the case of Atiku Abubakar, the current VP of Nigeria, we all know and to me, Obasanjo is vindicated by the fact that enough proof is needed to prosecute IBB then. Even though there is proof from outside the country that the VP gave a bribe and that Nigeria should investigates the VP and some other notable politicians at the instance of US, which Obasanjo did by asking the EFCC to do the job, see the end results.
When alamieseigha the then governor of Bayelsa state was caught in UK, he escaped back to Nigeria and instead of his house of assembly to immediately impeach him for money laundering, it was the intervention of EFCC that finally make the house of assembly to nail him and impeached him from office. Even at then, there are still some people who are still grumbling that his manner of impeachment is not constitutional, while some niger delta militants are demanding for his release.
When Dariye, the then Governor of Plateau State was also arrested in UK for money laundering, he also jump bail and escaped back to Nigeria. Instead of his House of Assembly to impeach him, or what else proof do they need? they habour him and continue to propel him in office, when the EFCC intervenes and arrest those who are corrupt among the state house of assembly, the rest impeach Dariye. Instead the court still declare his manner of removal as unconstitutional.
When Buhari/Idiagbon wage war against corruption during their regime, what was the end result of their efforts, they were overthrown by those who support corruption. Today, Buhari still has adversaries who still habour that hatred with the way they rule the country in their quest to stamp out corruption.
I also remember that our own WS not William Shakespeare but Wole Soyinka also has a taste of how the war against corruption taste like in this country when he was the pioneer boss of Federal Road Safety Commission, he ended up resigning his appointment when he discovered that his name was about to be drag into mud.
When Murtala Mohammed (May God bless his memory) determined to put the nation on course to stamp out corruption, we all know where it ends. He was so determined and resolute about good governance and dedication to duty, he detest corruption so much that he end up laying down his life as he fell to the assassins bullet.
When El-Rufai decided to diligently work as FCT Minister and stamp out those who have been profiteering from illegal issuance of C of O, where illegal structure are built in the FCT, he end up being a victim of hatred from the people. He in his own way, stamp out corruption by making sure that the Abuja master plan which has been distorted by corrupt officials of FCDA by conniving with past powerful people, he is also paying the price by being enemy of people. The House of Reps even pass a resolution preventing him from holding any public office for life.
As for the present Senate, they are worse on fight against corruption, they are there to represent us, but instead they are fighting for their own selfish interest. Some of them that are denied the return ticket to the house have taken the fight to the President, vowing to deal with him, while some of them are even crossing the carpet. We dont expect anything less from the outcome of their decisions.
Those who had venture into stamping out corruption in this country end up one way or the other with bad taste in the mouth. Nigeria is deeply corrupt that even if you are wont be a part to corruption, you are either a miser or you are selfish.
I am quite too sure that there are so many other atrocities committed by Atiku that OBJ did not have enough proof, but the only one he had the proof was also turn against him. This clearly shows that the war against corruption is not easy. Like I said earlier on, it is like someone going for a vengeance, the person will not come out unscathed.
Atiku might be happy that he has achieved his aim of denting the image of the President, but it will be on record that OBJ came out to point out one out of many of corrupt activities of his VP, and it done the nation a good service by pointing out that the VP is not fit to be our our next president, a corrupt president for that matter.
Has anyone ever ponder that those past leaders that refuse to probe any corrupt leaders are afraid of what is happening to Obasanjo now? The truth is war against corruption is not a war that is easy to fight in this country. Those who are closed to the President should tell him that he has done well, and as far as I am concerned, I am proud of him. As I am done in writing this, I doff my hat and truthfully I take a bow for a man who has done his best in the midst of the country who are hardliner to a fight against corruption.


The Law said...

I agree with you for the most part. For instance, El Rufai has my full and unflinching support in his efforts to restore the Abuja Masterplan. Lord knows we don't need another Lagos.

Atiku is indeed a very dirty individual, and being a powerful man, is hard to prosecute. The phenomenon of powerful men being difficult to prosecute is not limited to Nigeria though. In America, celebrities are often allowed to go scot-free for crimes which would earn a poor man instant jail. However, had Atiku kept silent during the notorious Third Term Agenda, and supported Obasanjo, he would not be on any EFCC list today.

You hail Obasanjo for his fight on corruption, yet you fail to mention his friends who don't seem to get ensnared in the EFCC net. Men like Bode George, who was indicted by not one, but two EFCC reports, and still walks the land as a free man, or men like Dr. Tejuosho whose only crime was daring to contest a Senatorial seat with Iyabo Obasanjo, and thereby earned himself a spot on the EFCC list of corrupt office seekers. Mind you, the said Dr. Tejuosho has never held public office at any level.

The war on corruption is necessary, and welcome, but it has been turned into a mere witch hunt against the enemies of Obasanjo, and it has therefore lost credibility.

Anonymous said...

Having said that we should also note the double standard of our Senate in their dealings of PTDF scandal. When Ndoma-Egba committee submitted its report, the only dissenting voice submission was taken important even more than the recommendations of the other 11 members. But when there was another dissenting voice in the review committee report specifically as stated below, there was no upheavals or even much uproar as to his own submission, because that is exactly what the Senate wants.
The report, however, contained a dissenting view by Senator Akin Olasunkanmi.
Olasunkanmi disagreed with his colleagues on Abubakar’s involvement in the NDTV deal.
He said that the shareholding of the NDTV showed that one Adamu Abubakar owns 10 per cent of its shares.
One of the sons of the vice-president, according to him, goes by the name Adamu Abubakar.
He said, “The vice-president brought a letter from a US Congressman, William Jefferson, to the Federal Ministry of Communications in respect of NDTV/i-Gate deal.”
He also claimed that the vice-president gave a loan to Fasawe, which he used to pay for the head office of the NDTV.
Olasunkanmi further said that the PTDF deposits in TIB suggested that they were meant for the purpose of advancing loan to NDTV.
He added that the questions put to Fasawe when he appeared before the review committee about his relationship with the TIB were not answered satisfactorily.
Shouldn't the Senate act on the dissenting voice, if they deem the first one important? Double standard, all in the name of getting back to OBJ, simply because he had stepped on toes of some of them, like not guaranteeing a return ticket for them. Selfish lots who are expected to represent us, but represent their selfish interest. Everyone is corrupt, no exception!