Monday, March 5, 2007

The New Naira Notes and Arabic Inscription

Those habouring the hatred of appearance of arabic inscription on the Naira notes can heaved a sign of relief since the new ones does not have arabic inscriptions. The religious intolerance we have in this country is alarming, arabic incriptions on the naira notes is a mere the nature of denominations of each notes in arabic, it is not islamic in nature or was it a means to islamise our currency. I want to believe that the policy makers at that time felt the best way to make the currency acceptable to the people in the north is to make it more ethnic friendly, that was why the denominations were written in Arabic.
But Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo whose parents or descendants was not not in position to complain when those decisions were made, made history by being the first person to take it upon himself to make a mess of our past leaders collective decision to write the naira denominations in arabic. Let us wait for the time when the arabic inscriptions on the other naira notes will be removed, since these ones are being used to test the ground whether there is going to be any upheaval to the recent removal.
Perhaps, ever pause to ponder when another Prof. Soludo will emerge in the Nigerian Army to also remove the Arabic inscriptions in the logo of our Nigerian Army, or perhaps when our recently built national assembly building will be pulled down and rebuilt so that it wont resemble a mosque, as most people are now insinuating.


Chxta said...

For a start, the inscriptions weren't in Arabic, that was Hausa. There is a world of difference between Arabic script and Arabic language. It is a pity that our people simply don't know how to let sleeping dogs lie.

Anonymous said...

I dont think changing the islamic or the arabic (i dont know which to call it now) is the whole issue of changing the face of the naira. And even if it is, isnt it time we had all languages on the note than just one!